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Atoka cranberries offer a wide range of cranberry products; cranberry juice, dehydrated cranberries, frozen and fresh cranberries, cranberry powder including variety of fruit blends and piece sizers.

Cranberry : A healthty fruit

While cranberries are rich in nutrients and minerals, they are also full of antioxidant power. A unique molecular structure referred to as proanthocyanidines (PAC) acts in prevention of many infections among which the most commonly known is the urinary tract infection. following cranberry consumption, infections are prevented by the so called anti adhesive properties of PACs. Also, this small tart berry with its antioxidants power can prevent stomach ulcers and other internal infections.

Several studies have demonstrated that consumption of 250 ml of cranberry cocktail has an antioxidant equivalent of 170 mg of fresh or frozen berries; 28 g of dried cranberries; or of 125 ml of cranberry compote.

Various cranberry products now available provide an interesting choice for daily consumption of cranberries. Enjoy cranberries with cereals at breakfast; glazed vegetables, quinoa salad, roasted pork, turkey sandwich at any meal; dishes snack cranberry chocolate oatmeal cookies; and versatile cranberry sauce to upgrade deserts! Cranberry juice added to a wide range of drinks is a must at your BBQ or picnic.

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