Bieler Cranberries is involved in all municipalities where our farms are located. Cranberry Capital, St Louis de Blandford, has inaugurated few years ago the Bieler Recreational Centre. The CIC, an Interpretation Center for the Quebec Cranberries sponsored by producers among which Canneberges Bieler ever since its beginning.

Our various community engagements depend on traditions whereby the farm is located ranging from festival to food show. Those sponsorships are always shared with ATOKA.

mc-gill-implicationNone the least, it supports the Macdonald Internship program by providing a fund for students in agricultural management, technician or nutrition in search of an job experience.

Impacts on the Industry 

  • Stand for ATOKA products at fairs
  • Pioneering the Cranberry production and the Cranberry processing industry, its always been actively participating in their growth.  
  • Bieler Cranberries expansion paralleled with many agricultural technological innovations, which in time were adapted by the cranberry industry.
  • Acting as an agronomic consultant to ATOKA producers, Cranberries growers benefit our expertise and experience.
  • Various agricultural research projects in progress. Housing University Laval. 
  • Research project to optimize drainage and irrigation.