The beginning

A dynamic family company recognized for innovation and quality products, a committed leader in its community.

Marc Bieler launched the business in the early 1980's. Our founder, Marc Bieler, has a passion for agriculture, the environment and food and now he is devoted to cranberry growing and selling. He is proud of his accomplishment. He is descended of a biologist's family with a farm management diploma from Macdonald College (McGill University) with further studies in regional planning. Marc then ventured into the agri-food business.

Convinced that there is a market for independent cranberries and that cranberry farming is ideally suited to our Quebec environment, his agricultural passion pioneered the development of cranberry production outside Ocean Spray.

Sufficient land was bought to create a unique cranberry operation. The original location a vast peat bog surrounded by forest and on a sand base. The design was no doubt influenced by land and conservation concepts taught by his mentor Dr. Pierre Dansereau, a world known ecologist. The exploitation developed with respect to wetland biodiversity, conserving the wetland area and planting on sand.

Bieler Cranberries, an operation where Sustainable Agriculture and Wetland Biodiversity meet.

Dating back to the 1985 – 1990 period, from design to planting to first crop, this cranberry farm has long since been a solid partner for the Quebec Cranberry Industry, and alongside the Canadian Agri-business Economy. A purebred Quebec enterprise, ATOKA Cranberries first processed cranberries in Quebec in early 1990.

A family business partners with its employees. A stimulating and professional work environment offering diversified career opportunities in the agri-food sector.

  • Main Office: St Louis de Blandford, Quebec, Canada
  • Land: Almost 1,500 acres in production including 5 farms, totalling 4,000 acres of wetland support areas.
  • Municipalities: St Louis de Blandford, 1983 and Notre Dame de Lourdes, 1996 (Centre du Québec) ; St-Augustin, 2005 (Lac St-Jean).
  • Oswego: New York State, USA, 2003: Cranberry production on dry land.
  • Bieler Refrigeration, 2013: annexed to Bieler Cranberries receiving plant at St Louis de Blandford, Quebec.

30 years of Growth

ATOKA Cranberries : Fresh cranberries and a wide range of high quality processed products.

Bieler Cranberries is known for its management sharpness and its leading in research and yields.

We have developed a reputation for consistent high quality yields based on sound agricultural practices.

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