Excellent leadership and management keep this motivated team looking ahead to a growing globalisation market. Years of experience combined with thoughtful actions resulted years after years on constant fruit yield and quality.

A team whom has always exceled over time: more than 20 employees; multi task motivated operators; and an expert agronomic team.

A management style sets by objectives to forsee sustainable cultural practices and food demand.

Work organisation is a priority.


  • To facilitate internal communication
  • To encourage aptitudes development
  • To organise farm operations and synchronisation
  • To administrate daily


  • Annual Employees workshop
  • Specialized workshop
  • Continual Agronomic workshop
  • Pest Management workshop with CETAQ
  • Certifications update
  • CSST workshop
  • First Aid course


Team presentation

Marc Bieler
Founder President Bieler Cranberries inc. and ATOKA Cranberries inc.

Already as a agricultural student in farm management, Marc leadership had won him the famous price by the Governor General. Eventually, his leadership was best expressed in the Cranberry industry for which he was elected their first president of the Quebec Cranberry Growers Association, APCQ. The eco sustainable design of the Centre Quebec exploitation makes it an outstanding integrated conservation of land model.

Michel Paquet
Agronomist. Exploitation Director.
Marie Bieler
Agronomist. Project Manager.
Guy Picard
Water resource manager.
André Vigneault
CPA, CMA. Administration Director.
Sylvie Bergeron 
Assistant administrator. Receptionist.

Our diligent operators whom day after day, season after season, optimize the farm operations, thence fruit yields and quality; Suzanne Hamel with the team scouring bogs and counting bugs and buds.