From Bieler Cranberry Farms to ATOKA Products

Bieler Cranberries is Canada leading cranberry producer with 1,400 acres in production. We supply our processing company ATOKA with high quality cranberries which are transformed into Juice, Sweet and Dried Cranberries, Powder and Sauces.

Certain products are sold retail under the ATOKA label or sold as fresh fruit in season.

Bieler Cranberries sets high standards for the fruit we produce by taking actions for sustainable agriculture. Our standards result from development policies such as water optimisation and cultural prevention methods, and wetland preservation. We aim for employees's welfare.

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The Cranberries

Looking for a rich red coloured fruit packed with antioxidants, cranberries are what you want. The tart taste and red colour of cranberry products will enhance your meal. A native of Quebec province, this Nordic fruit is cultivated mainly in the Central Quebec area.

Long tradition going back to native populations and early settlers who recognized medicinal and nutritive qualities of cranberries their ATOCAS.

Now the modern consumer is discovering the versatility of cranberry presented in its numerous forms, juice, sauce, fresh sweet and dried and incorporated into a wide range of products to enhance taste, color and consumer health.

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